Member database

If you do not know the exact name of the author or title of the work in one of the fields ( Author or Work) , type part of the name or surname or name and you will get a printout of all authors and works that in their own name or in the name include that part you typed in. For example, if in the section Name type Almir, you will get a printout of all authors whose name is Almir.

But if you in Work section type one of the words from the title deeds, eg. „Good luck“ you will get a list of all the acts in its name containing the word you searched for.

It is also possible to search author or work just by the part of name of author or part of the full name of work.

REMARK: Musical works in the database were written in according to the registration, which means that you must search authors in all of their names known to the public ( pseudonyms ) so you get all their work repertoire.